Self Tapering Off Alcohol With Alcohol

Another sign that you might need to taper is morning alcohol cravings. For instance, many people binge drink on the weekend without drinking during the week. They may have a mild-to-moderate substance use problem without being chemically dependent. Still, they may need to consider cutting back for other physical, mental, and social health reasons. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are more likely in heavy drinkers.

Benefits of drinking less alcohol

  • The first days were miserable, but now you’re a week in, you’re at the 5-6 drinks a day mark, and you feel fine.
  • Tapering or weaning means ramping down your alcohol use until you get to zero—or to a more moderate level of drinking that you prefer.
  • In contrast, robust evidence supports quitting alcohol while under medical supervision.
  • This can happen whether you’re quitting alcohol cold turkey or tapering.
  • Additionally, mixed drinks may contain sugar or other additives that could exacerbate withdrawal symptoms and should be avoided during the taper.
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A therapist will work with you to create a personalized plan for cutting back and provide ongoing guidance and accountability. The main downside of cold turkey is how unpleasant and risky it can be. If you drink heavily, alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be harsh, dangerous, and even fatal. For this reason, it’s generally best to avoid quitting abruptly, or at bare minimum speak with a doctor first and have someone looking out for you. If you are struggling with severe alcohol use or addiction, tapering off alcohol at home may not be a safe option. The most effective option for alcoholics to stop drinking is to find a treatment program that offers medical detox services.

  • Consuming a lighter alcoholic drink like beer also makes it easier for someone to stay hydrated throughout the taper.
  • When you taper your alcohol, you slowly reduce your alcohol intake over time.

How to Wean Off Alcohol: Tapering Safely and on Schedule

If you have trouble controlling how much you drink or experience significant alcohol cravings, you may need professional help instead of trying to taper your alcohol use at home. If you suddenly quit drinking, your body can struggle to catch up. Because alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, quitting drinking can cause Sober House your body to have too much of an excitatory substance called glutamate as it tries to rebalance. This can trigger alcohol withdrawal symptoms, which can be dangerous in some cases. Quitting cold turkey is the preferred method of withdrawal, but only if done under medical supervision, where symptoms can be treated as they occur.

Understanding the Role of Alcohol Tapering in Treatment

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