The Benefits of Data Center Virtualization

When it concerns data center operations there’s plenty to take into consideration. There are a myriad of factors which can impact business performance and productivity, including the physical infrastructure and software abstraction, hardware optimization and many more.

One way to simplify the process is to use data center virtualization. With virtualization, it’s much easier for IT administrators to change configurations and provide IT resources as needed- something that wouldn’t be possible without technology. The automation not only speeds up processes, it also helps ensure that policies are always implemented and that the right configurations are utilized.

Virtualization is a method of technology that integrates servers, storage devices, and networking equipment in order to create an environment that includes multiple IT functions running on a single computer. This way, you can optimize server use and lower the cost of hardware. The ability to dynamically allocate resources increases the scalability of your server since it eliminates under-utilized capacity.

Another benefit of virtualization is the ease which you can deploy new IT services and applications. The process of deploying a new virtual machine takes only a few minutes, when compared to the time or days it takes to procure and configure hardware. This flexibility allows businesses the ability to rapidly adapt to market conditions and increase their competitive advantage.

IT administrators must still be aware that a highly virtualized data center comes with its own risks. For instance, if IT personnel are too nonchalant about creating new VMs that could result in VM expansion. The excessive use of hardware and resources can cause performance degradation cost increases, and a variety of attack surfaces.

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